Updated: 05-07-2017

Current supervision

2017- Maud Dohmen MSc Interventions to improve the urban sound environment
2017- Sylvian Lekx MSc Virtual Acoustics
2016- Wouter Reijnders MSc Room in Room Acoustics
2016- Wouter Wittebol MSc
2016- Stijn Prust (jointly with TNO) MSc Classification of sounds in the urban environment
2016- Sander Kik MSc High frequency scattering and diffusion
2015- Chris van Loenen MSc Authenticity of auralization from room acoustic simulations
2017- Quentin Goetschel Internship Urban sound propagation modelling: coupling geometrical models to the diffusion equation

Completed supervision

M18 2017 Dennis Pennings (jointly with LBP|Sight) MSc Low frequency impact sound insulation
M17 2017 Marc Kalee MSc Quantifying the acoustical properties of internal vegetation screens
M16 2017 Marco van der Wilt MSc Acoustic modelling with the Diffusion equation
M15 2016 Wim van Stijn (unit Structural Design) MSc
 M14 2016 Bareld Nicolai MSc The influence of stage acoustics on binaural sound exposure of symphony orchestra musicians; measured vs. modelled
M13 2016 Bettine Gommer (TU Delft) MSc Resistance in Helmholtz resonators
M12 2016 Niels Hoekstra MSc Sound absorption of periodically spaced baffle
M11 2016 Jorinde Bijpost MSc The acoustic comfort of restaurants
M10 2016 Bram Botterman MSc Optimizing the acoustical properties of the wood-wool cement board
M9 2016 Tim Tijsma MSc Coupled spaces at low frequencies
M8 2015 Eef Brouns MSc Acoustic scattering and diffusion
M7 2015 Sigrid Scheijen MSc Quantifying the wind effect on shielding of traffic noise by buildings: a wind tunnel study
M6 2014 Karin Conen MSc Numerical investigation of the effects of downwind on sound propagation over an urban roof level
M5 2014 Daan Steeghs MSc Time-domain modeling in the presence of non-orthogonal boundaries: the staircase PSTD method
M4 2014 Claire Laudij MSc Learning is living
M3 2009 Johan Gisaeus MSc Calculation of outdoor sound propagation by engineering methods: an evaluation of Harmonoise and available software. (Chalmers University of Technology)
M2 2008 Martin Schiff MSc Sound propagation over urban canyons. (Chalmers University of Technology)
M1 2005 Jimmy Diamandopoulos, Jonas Larsson MSc An experimental investigation to the directivity from external industrial noise sources. (Chalmers University of Technology)
2016- Elisabeth van Pruissen (Dept. Applied Physics) BSc Influence of the water content vegetated roofs on its acoustic absorption
2015 Louis van Harten BSc GPU acceleration of the openPSTD method
2016 Steffie de Groot Internship In-situ impedance measurements on green roofs
2014 Sander Bronckers Internship Post-processing of impulse responses for human echolocation research purposes
2014 Milan van der Meer Internship Sofware development for experimental study of human echolocation via auralization
2012 Tim Beekman Internship Laboratory measurements of the impedance of sedumroof substratum
2009 Bart van der Aa Internship The Flat City Model – A parameter study on the elevation of source and receiver over
the urban roof level. (Chalmers University of Technology)