PhD / postdoc

Updated: 01-07-2019

PhDs Maarten Hornikx
Building Acoustics chair, May 2017

Current researchers (postdocs and assistant professors)

Marc van BaelenPostdocAuditory profile – a comprehensive assessment of auditory functions in the blind and visually impaired
JinJack TanPostdocMARS: Integration of Musical Acoustics, Room acoustics and Sound perception
Jieun YangPostdocMetaBar: Metamaterial Noise Barriers for the Outdoor Environment
Raul PaganPostdoc
Constant HakAssistant ProfessorAdvanced room acoustical measurement techniques based on room impulse responses

Current researchers (PhD students)

Open positionPhD studentModelling requirements for auralization
Wouter WittebolPhD studentHybridizing computational room acoustical models to enhance computational efficiency for real time auralization purposes
Baltazar Briere de la HosserayePhD studentIn-situ characterization of room material impedances from combining measurements and modelling approaches
Huiqing WangPhD studentRoom acoustic modelling of open plan spaces
Sai Charan TrikootamPhD studentNumerical modelling of sound propagation in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL)
Yi QinPhD studentImpact noise insulation of lightweight floor systems at low frequencies
Jikke ReintenPhD studentHealthy auditory environments for hospital nursing staff
Indra SiharPhD studentNumerical modelling of transient sound propagation in buildings
Ella Braat-EggenPhD studentThe acoustics of open-plan work environments
Foteini SetakiPhD studentAcoustics and Additive Manufacturing, Delft University, NL
Jeroen DonnersProject researcher (student)openPSTD software development

Graduated PhD students (1st promotor)

4Raúl Pagán Muñoz2019Numerical modeling for urban sound propagation: developments in wave-based and energy-based methodsThesis
 2.Chang Liu2019In-situ characterization of the acoustic impedance of vegetated roofsThesis
 2.Fotis Georgiou2018Modeling for auralization of urban environmentsThesis
 1.Remy Wenmaekers2017Stage acousticsThesis

Graduated PhD students (External Advisor/Examinor/Committee Member)

6.Toros Senan2019An evaluation of a psychoacoustic model of the changing-state hypothesis, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
5.Alejandro Osses Vecchi2018Prediction of perceptual similarity based on time-domain models of auditory perception, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL
4.Guillaume Doudart de la Grée2018Development of sustainable and functionalized inorganic binder-biofiber composites, Eindhoven University, NL
3.Juan Emilio Noriega Linares2017Analysis of the sound field and the annoyance of noise pollution in cities with the use of sensor networks, Universidad Católica San Antonio (UCAM), Murcia Spain
2.Muttalip Temiz2017Micro-perforated plates, Eindhoven University, NL
1.Weigang Wei2015Innovation in urban noise mapping, Ghent University, Belgium

Former researchers

2017-2018Fanyu MengPost-doctoral researcher
2013-2016Rick de Vosproject researcherHuman echolocation: relation perception and acoustic signals
2014-2017Michiel Fortuinproject researcher (student)openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
2015-2017Louis van Hartenproject researcher (student)openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
2016-2017Bram Bottermanproject researcherSound absorbing glass
2014-2016Omar Richardsonproject researcher (student)openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method
2012-2014Thomas KrijnenProject researcher (student)openPSTD: development of open software tool of the PSTD method